Our Projects:

1) Communication, education and public awareness raising (CEPA)
2) Sustainable tourism and recreation development
3) Monitoring of species and habitats.
4) Creating national platform for other “Improving the management of protected areas” – UNDP initiatives in frame of the web and mobile platform

Improvement of the business climate;

Public private dialogue;

Entrepreneurial awareness;

SMEs development including access to finance,

Human capital development and matching on the labor market

To improve the environmental governance in Macedonia by creating the conditions for CSOs to participate effectively in the decision-making processes related to EIAs/SEAs procedures in EU 2020 climate and energy package.

Green Agenda is a tool for development of environmental strategies which uses a fully participatory and bottom up approach for local communities. This tool is an adaptation of Local Agenda 21, which is tailored to the needs of local communities.

the Green Agenda Toolkit is aimed at municipalities or CSOs that are interested to start with a process of creation of local strategic documents especially in the field of preservation and promotion of the local values.

To use the Green Agenda Toolkit, you need to be registered and to create an account within this website. if you have any problems accessing this website or creating an account please send an e-mail to

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This project is a joint initiative of Civil Society Organizations from Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and the Netherlands. The project aims to establish a network of CSOs that will grow and become recognized as a leading structure in promoting public participation on environmental issues in the participating municipalities. The members of this network will cooperate with local government and will play a leading role in the promotion of sound environmental practices in the Western Balkan region.

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This project aims to enhance the capacities and effectiveness of 18 local sub-partner NGOs who participate in the Green Agenda programme of Milieukontakt, which runs in six Western Balkan countries. After the project the NGOs have improved their skills and knowledge in project management and coordination. The NGOs improved their visibility in the local communities and learned to use the tool of Participatory Video Making for capacity building on the local level and promotion of the Green Agenda work in the community which in the long term strengthens their position in society.

The project “Strengthening the capacities of the environmental CSO in the north-east planning region” in Macedonia is funded by the Ministry of Environment and phisical planning of the government of Republic of Macedonia.

Promotion of good governance principles trough the Green Agenda process.

Participatory video making – local sustainable initiatives.