On Tuesday, February 20th, 2018, at 12:00 at the premises of the EU Info Center in Skopje, a new project under the National Programme for Transition Assistance and Institutional Building 2013 Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) was officially launched.

The project named “Smart Tool for Business Management” is an eighteen-month initiative and will be implemented in the period between December, 2017 and June, 2019 by the Training Institute “Kocka” in partnership with Macedonian Development Center for Civil Organizations from Skopje. Civil society organizations and media attended the project’s kick-off event, were informed of the project details and had an opportunity to discuss its objectives and how these objectives will be achieved.

The project aims at improving of the business climate, improving the public -private dialogue and entrepreneurial awareness.

As and overall objective of this project is to increase country’s economy through development and implementation of SMEs business-friendly tools focused on reduced regulatory and administrative barriers by speeding up procedures and reducing costs. “ Encouraged and strengthened capacities of the business owners in practicing and implementation of the legal requirements for doing business in Macedonia, also increased capacities of SMEs managers to use new networking tools in the process of business management, established strong, sustainable, and productive triple helix model of cooperation among SMEs Public institutions and CSOs that will improve cross sectoral cooperation and will contribute towards developing strong and independent economy in the country are the main points of this project”  – ” said the project coordinator, Stole Georgiev at the opening of the event.

The Legal framework for implementing the project objectives, defining the concept of small business in the Republic of Macedonia, the Law on Establishment of the Agency for Support of Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Macedonia, Laws and other legal acts that regulate the work of the SME in the Republic of Macedonia,  Legal and administrative conditions for the development of small enterprises in the Republic of Macedonia; positive and negative conditions, documents required for registration, registration procedure, possible administrative obstacles and problems when registering a firm etc. , these topics were only part of the discussion points of the university professor of law, PhD. Tanja Baloska.

“How can Smart Tool for business management Project can be very useful for developing  a model for successful cooperation on the three sectors in Macedonia in the field of business development”  –  was a topic of discussion with the university professor of economics, PhD. Savo Astalkoski.

After the discussions,  all members of the debate have come to the conclusion that сconducting research on the needs of business owners on administrative management of their companies as a first activity of this project in the following period is the best way for re-opening the dialogue between the SME, CSO and governmental institutions.