226312 project logo (2015_11_02 12_52_45 UTC)This project is a joint initiative of Civil Society Organizations from Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and the Netherlands. The project aims to establish a network of CSOs that will grow and become recognized as a leading structure in promoting public participation on environmental issues in the participating municipalities. The members of this network will cooperate with local government and will play a leading role in the promotion of sound environmental practices in the Western Balkan region.

Overall objectives:

To develop a network of CSOs from The Netherlands, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro which will work together with local governments (municipalities) in implementing environmental projects developed through the Green Agenda process.

To share experience and best practices of implementing environmental projects developed through the Green Agenda process between one EU country and the three Western Balkan countries.

To initiate, build, and strengthen a Green Agenda network between the countries of Western Balkans and the European Union.


The essence of the project is that local governments take into account and incorporate principles of good governance in developing local environmental policies.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are:

Members of working groups established in each of the targeted municipalities

Citizens in the targeted municipalities

Environmental civil society networks and local government units

Activities of the project are designed to combine development of local public participation and democracy with practical actions that will contribute visibly and concretely to the improvement of quality of life in the communities where we will be active.

Main activities:

• Establishment and capacity building of regional training team

• Development of a regional methodology

• Capacity building program for the professional staff of the municipalities

• Direct work with CSOs and citizens

• Organization of international study visits

• Identification and implementation of priorities from the existing Green Agenda strategies

• Establishment and development of an international CSO watchdog network

• Organization of events for sharing best practices with participants from other countries from the region

• Public awareness campaigns

• Field surveys

• Promotion of the best practices through development of a toolkit, newsletter and web portal

Implementing organizations:

Milieukontakt International is an organization of committed professionals with a huge network of individuals, organizations and institutions working for a better environment, through: building capacities, involving citizens and solving environmental problems.

Milieukontakt International provides training, coaching, support and advice for organization working for sustainability, seeking to stimulate and support the involvement and empowerment of citizens and develop processes of participative strategy development and decision making, and connecting these activities to solutions for environmental problems.

EDEN (Environmental Center for Development, Education, and Training) is a trainers’ organization whose vision is the development of a sustainable and a healthy environment through building of capacities, promoting participatory approach, offering expertise and services to civil society and governmental structures, and lobbying at the national level. EDEN manages a group of eight trainers, well trained in a wide range of participatory training techniques.

KOCKA is a network of independent trainers, aiming at providing training and consultancy services for CSOs and units of local self government, especially in the field of environment protection. The network consists of a group of trainers that have become widely recognized by the civil society sector for combining their skills and training methods and using specific participatory facilitation techniques, which were build upon through various ToT courses.

OZON is an association of citizens established with the aim to raise awareness, educate, initiate, carry out, and assist in activities focused on environment protection and enhancement. The vision of Ozon is that Montenegro is sustainably developed as a democratic, ecological society with citizens who are related to nature and care for their place on the planet.

This project is financially supported by the IPA 2008 Programme – Civil Society Facility: Support to Partnership Actions “Environment, Energy Efficiency, and Health and Safety at Work”


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