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Green Agenda is a tool for development of environmental strategies which uses a fully participatory and bottom up approach for local communities. This tool is an adaptation of Local Agenda 21, which is tailored to the needs of local communities.

the Green Agenda Toolkit is aimed at municipalities or CSOs that are interested to start with a process of creation of local strategic documents especially in the field of preservation and promotion of the local values.

To use the Green Agenda Toolkit, you need to be registered and to create an account within this website. if you have any problems accessing this website or creating an account please send an e-mail to igor.slavkoski@gmail.com.

and go to the following link:  http://greenagenda.mk/




  • · Green Agenda development and implementation

A Green Agenda is a participatory method for developing and implementing local sustainable development strategies and plans with active involvement of representatives of the different sectors in the local community where the process is conducted

1.             Identification of pilot communities

We will identify three communities in each country where we will start a Green Agenda process.

  1. 2. Stakeholder analysis

A thorough analysis of the background is needed: what documents or obligations for documents or plans exist in the community? Who are the stakeholders and what can be expected from them?

  1. 3. Stakeholder meeting

The public start of the Green Agenda process is the first meeting for all stakeholders, in which the process is explained and interest in participation is identified among those present.

  1. 4. Local Working Groups

Local thematic Working Groups will be created in each community which will consist of approx. eight representatives of local authorities, businesses, NGOs and interested citizens. These froups will carry out the Green Agenda analysis.

  1. 5. Local Working Group activities

The Working Groups will develop ideas for small activities.

  1. 6. Training of Trainers

Trainings will be organized for trainers groups that will support the coordinating NGOs and the local Working Groups in their work. The trainers will be trained in the Green Agenda method, including best practices and examples from other countries.

  1. 7. Training on ICT and Information Management

We will organise a training on information management and IT tools. This can provide a good start for sharing information and ideas among the participating communities effectively later on in the programme.

  1. 8. Pilot projects

The Green Agenda document includes an analysis as well as a strategic plan, an action plan and a monitoring plan. This document is adopted by the local authorities and implemented by the local community.  One of the characteristics of the Green Agenda method however is that it focuses not only on the creation of a document, but also on the actual implementation of the ideas laid down in the document: pilot projects – small projects implementing part of the Green Agenda plans.